After creating WordPress subdomain multisite blog Adsense ads on subdomain blog doesn’t get registered & Data in Analytics & Adsense doesn’t match…

I was using WordPress CMS for last one year or two & integrated Adsense ads & analytics without any error or problems.

But just after creating WordPress Multi Blog System with Subdomain I started facing problems because my pages was not getting registered or Adsense ads clicks were not getting registered so I was loosing money & analytics data count.

But after few months I found the solution, I got my analytics code rectified & all Adsense ads click got started getting registered & analytics code got started working again,

Few suggestions before starting don’t follow idiot blogs who doesn’t follow Google’s Rules.

So here is the steps to integrate WordPress Multi Blog System with Google Analytics & Adsense.


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User Experience Notes from implementation of Google Adsense in website

I have realized after implementing Google Adsense in my blog with right background with borders while matching it to style of Adsense ads they are surrounding to,

CTR i.e. Click Through Rate is increased now with 100%

I am getting good results & comments offline & online, Nobody feels presence of ads distracting or useless or nobody asks about why I am using Google Adsense. (more…)

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Integrating Social & Professional Networking Badges & Google Adsense Ads in WordPress Blog using Dynamic Sidebar

Following method will work with both Social & Professional Networking Badges i.e. Scripts you get from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Likedin & Google Adesense Ads scripts to integrate it with your wordpress website blog’s dynamic sidebar.

Few Important things that I considered here that you are ready with
You have sign in to & have administrative access of wordpress blog
You have badge code that you got from Facebook or Twitter or Flickr or Linkedin.
You are ready with Adsense’s Ad code & Your account is active.


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