How to add / insert comma to numerical values for more than three digits in Apple (iWork) Numbers for every thousands separator on Macintosh (OSX)

While working in Apple Numbers calculating your expenses, expenditures & revenue you may think whether it can be more helpful to have separator after every thousands, millions & billions for American, UK, Europe based calculations in Dollars ($) & Pounds (£) or euro (€) or in Indian rupees (₹) for every thousand, lac & crore.

In simple words your & mine common problem is unreadable & unrecognisable number like: 1000000

So you want it display for USD something Like this: 1,000,000

OR for Indian subcontinent you may want it to display numbers in 10,00,000 with logical separators

Here is the solution:


First Thing first: If you are from India & you want to see numerical values as thousand, lacs & crore then change your ‘Language & Region’ settings in your ‘System Preferences’ to something like this


Path: Navigate to Applications folder > System Preferences > Language & Region

Now change settings as per following: Region: India & other settings as per image if required.

Now follow below steps:


Now this step is common for every user from every part of the world from US, UK, Europe, India or Australia.

Step 01: open Numbers if it is not open create new document or open existing one where you want to see thousand separators.

Step 02: Now select your respective table & it’s respective numerical field in particular column

Step 03: Now in right sidebar / Inspector under ‘Cell’ tab choose currency as Data Format & check Thousand Separator checkbox


Step 04: You are done

Hope it helps.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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