In-App Purchase, How & Why Apple Developer Community doing it wrong & What is best for users to remove confusion & hassle from their mind before opting in for additional functionality.

After invention of ‘App Store’ by Apple Inc. for their products like iPhone & iPad & later Macintosh, Apple Developer community exploded with new market of .99 cents apps where user can find them vary easily & securely in one single location i.e. App Store or Mac App Store.

One feature that App Store has for users & importantly for Developers is in-App Purchase.


But here is what expected & not expected by users from developers & makers of App.

Here is example what developer thinks & what was the actual main reason of in-App purchase by Apple itself.

Say Developer ‘X’ has ‘App Name’ app inside App Store but he thinks he should also do ‘App Name Lite’ for users to test the app with limited functionality so that they can utilise it & if they like it they can later opt in for full app version,

So what developer does that he invents ‘In-App Purchase’ for their Lite version for users to buy Full version by opting in for In-App Purchase but creates more confusion in the mind of user as they bought full version for ‘App Name Lite’ but their is similar (e.g Pro) app without name of ‘Lite’ i.e ‘App Name’ App.

So take away is that place only single app with single title In-App Store & no two apps with same name with suffix of Lite or Pro

User thinks that when he buy full version for ‘App Name Lite’ it’s title should changed to ‘App Name’ or ‘App Name Pro’ after purchase as he has purchased full version but it doesn’t works that way…

So user returns your app & you have minus (-1) sale in your iTunes Connect portal.

Hope it helps to Apple Developer Community in Large.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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