Apple Safari running slow, unable / can’t open pages here is how to fix this

If you are on your favourite Macintosh Computer using latest OSX Operating System 10.10 or 10.11 or greater & you are getting the feeling you Apple Safari web browser running slow or hanging for that matter from time to time.

Here are few steps that you can follow to fix your slow Safari Web browser.


First thing first: Close Safari & see it is not running in background


Step 01:

Check you have adequate free disk space on your ‘Macintosh HD’, Delete un necessary & not required data from your user folder & free up some disk space.

Macintosh HD Disk Utility Applications Maintainance


Step 02:

Now read this blog post follow steps given in blog post: OSX Maintenance Tips for Your Macintosh to Optimise & Boost – Tune up your Mac’s performance for maximum productivity


Step 03:

Remove a unnecessary Safari plug-ins:

Click on Menu Bar while Finder App is selected > Go > Go to folder

No type: ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/

Now delete all Safari Plugins in that folder as same can be re-downloaded later when latest updates are available of the same.


Step 04:

Change your internet DNS Server to Google Public DNS Server

Read this blog post: Using Google Public DNS for IPv4 & IPv6 to speed up internet browsing, A resource for Web Designers, Developers & Internet Surfers in General

Hope it helps,

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