How to disable or remove close, minimise, resize button from Mac OSX App’s title bar while developing the same app in Xcode

While developing OSX App in Xcode you may want your Apps Window Controller should be without either close, minimise & resize button or all, Here is how to do it easily within Xcode.


Assumption: I assume you are using Storyboards while developing app in Xcode.

Step 01: Select Storyboard in left panel ‘Project Navigator’,

Step 02: In Document Outline Select Window Controller Scene > Window Controller > Window (Your App Name Window)

Step 03: In right panel while Window Controller Scene is selected choose fourth tab from left i.e. Attributes Inspector

Step 04: Under Controls section uncheck Close, Minimise & Resize checkbox.

Result: After you ‘Run’ your app on your Mac those unchecked buttons should have disabled and removed from title bar.

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