How to fix iTunes store operation failed, App Sandbox not enabled error that you get while validating and uploading Mac OSX app to iTunes Connect via Xcode

After you are done with coding Mac OSX App you may want to upload the same to iTunes Connect to distribute it through Mac AppStore.


While validating your app archive before uploading it to iTunes Store you will get following error something like this stating: Archive validation failed due to the issue listed below. iTunes Store operation failed. App Sandbox not enabled. The following executable must include the “” entitlement with a Boolean value of true in the entitlement property list.

iTunes store operation failed app sandbox not enabled

Solution is Simple,

Step 01: Go to your Target in Xcode > Capabilities > slide App Sandbox toggle to right to make it on


Hope it helps,

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  1. Hi Mandar ,
    when i do like this am getting other error Error ITMS-90285: “invalid code signing Entitlements.Your application bundle’s signature contains code signing entitlements that are not supported on Mac OS X. Specifically, key ‘beta-reports-active’ in ‘com.xxxxx.wwwww.pkg/payload/’ is not supported”. Please can you help me am stroked here.

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