Here is how to fix if Google Hangout’s camera or microphone not working on Apple Mac’s Safari Browser. This steps will also fix every issue for any website on your mac.

If you are having trouble while using Google Hangout or any other website that requires microphone and camera access. Then you can use the following steps to enable microphone and camera access to your respective website.

For example purposes we choose Google Hangout Website:

Step 01: On Apple Safari Browser, First sign in to your Google Hangout using this link –

Step 02: Now on Apple Safari Menu Bar while App Safari Google Hangout Window is active, Click on Safari Menu at to Left > Choose ‘Settings for this Website’ > Popup will open up under address bar and it will look something like this


Step 03: So now you can change settings for microphone and camera… So for Microphone and Camera dropdown choose ‘Allow’ as an option. And you are done.


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