Why you should turn off My Photo Stream on all of your Apple iCloud Enabled Devices including MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

I have just turned off Apple iCloud’s Photos App related feature called ‘My Photo Stream’.

Apple iCloud Photos Settings on Macintosh OSX Desktop & Laptop


Apple iCloud Photos Settings on iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


My Photo Stream suppose to help every Apple user with multiple Mobile / Handheld devices like iPhone / iPad & iPod touch to collects all photos taken from camera & collects under one folder called ‘My Photo Stream’ in the cloud on Apple Servers.

After using My Photo Stream for almost 4 years I realised this Photos App related service doesn’t do much as expected or perform below expectation to normal or advance user with HD or 4k or 5k Camera on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

I have list down points below to explain why I just turned off My Photo Stream Service Feature from Apple iCloud:


  1. Eats WiFi Bandwidth: As My Photo Stream service suppose to work when you are in WiFi Network then it just create high network usage of WiFi without asking you it should perform sync or not!

  3. It eats up storage in Cloud & on Phone and on Mac Desktop: Being My Photo Stream different folder with maximum number of 1,000 (One Thousand) Photos & Videos at Max it just occupies lot of space on Phone, iCloud & on Mac. Apple says that My Photo Stream 1,000 photos doesn’t count towards iCloud storage but why not? If you are on 16GB iPhone then 1,000 Photos & Videos may count more than 5GB sometimes.

  5. My Photo Stream takes too much time sync on WiFi Network as it syncs heavy HDR Images, 4k & 5k Images, 4k & 5k Videos etc.

  7. My Photo Stream service is useless until you connected to wifi as it doesn’t sync photos & videos over Mobile Data.

  9. In latest Apple Photos app My Photo Stream photos didn’t get automatically imported to library so it is manual process now to backup or import your photos to Mac Desktop Photos Library.

Hope this information helps you to make clear choice if you want to disable Apple iCloud Service like My Photo Stream.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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