Yahoo! IMAP Mail with Apple Mail in Mac OSX Lion & Mountain Lion has few glitches

After moving to Lion then to Mountain Lion on my iMac,

I realised syncing your Yahoo! Mail’s IMAP inside Apple Mail has some glitches associated it with,

It seems Yahoo! IMAP Server functionality has following pitfalls,

Yahoo! IMAP Mail doesn’t sync exactly with Apple Mail it has some glitches like it takes long delay to cache mail & attachments, It some times shows error while syncing with Yahoo! servers…


Actually when I first time saw Yahoo! IMAP support inside Mac OSX’s preferences’ ‘Mail, Contact & Calendars’ tab I was excited to get that IMAP support inside Apple Mail, but it was just for few moments before I started to face above mentioned errors,


I Sync my GMail with Apple Mail to mind you it has it’s own pitfalls like it create vary difficult to delete GMail Mail through Apple Mail as it has various lables attached to it so when you delete mail from GMail’s Inbox within Apple Mail it gets deleted but it appears again in another lables like ‘All Mail’ or ‘Important’,

So GMail has the ‘Lable’ issue attached to while working with it in Apple Mail,

So sometimes I feel syncing your own domain mail ID with Apple Mail is the best solution, It has no above all glitches or pitfalls like Yahoo! or GMail IMAP mail do…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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