New Music Talent – Onkar Ghaisas’s Interview & His New CD Launch

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Today is the day when I will take first interview on my website under artist category, a new music talent & my dear friend –  Onkar Ghaisas

We will ask him about 8 Questions to make him talk about his Music & his New CD launch, so let’s get started…!!!

Hi Onkar, tell me something about yourself, your educational background, and how you turn to music? – (A Small Introduction)
Hello to all, I have born and bought up in Mumbai only. I am student of Wamanrao Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Mulund. Now people will say, “so what?”. But later I’ll say Nitin Chandrakant Desai also had studied in my school many years before me. (a small laughter). To be very frank, I never knew in my school days that I’ll tune a single poem. I had a hobby to tune up poems in our Marathi Textbook with a nice tune. I always used to wonder that how BurmanDa, Panchamda, Pt. Hridayanath Mangeshkar, Babuji, Shridhar Phadke can compose songs? How a tune comes in their mind when they read a poem? Those were questions to me in that age. Even today same questions come in my mind when I listen to ultimate songs of these legends. So these people are my inspirations. Apart from that, it’s not like I am the only person who really understands music in `Ghaisas Family’. My musical knowledge or understanding has a background. My mother is BA Vocal, SNDT Colg, student of Saralataai Bhide. She had performed on stage. My sister had been performing with Music Director Anil Mohile in many concerts. My father writes up poems and binds that with sweet tunes. So luckily there was musical environment at my home. I used to try to play songs on my mother’s harmonium by myself when I was kid. And most of the times I succeeded. It’s not that I was playing gracefully, but I could understand the `Sur’ so I could make successful attempts. At least people could understand what I am playing. Later on after my 10th, all off a sudden I wrote a poem on mother, I tuned that. Then I wrote a poem on love. I tuned that. My uncle gifted me a book of poet Mangesh Padgaonkar. And from there I got in love with one more hobby, reading poems. This later on became source to provide me poems to create a song. I have completed graduation in IT. I am currently working in IT field. But in future, I will definitely push myself in the field of art fully if I get fantastic projects.


I heard You released Your Music Compositions CD recently, How was it?
It was great. It was my 1st experience. My parents, relatives, friends used to insist me again and again to record my songs. They had heard me several times. They liked it. I performed some of my songs on stage. Audience responded me very positively. I got a feeling that people like my songs. Well, I thought let’s try it once. As it was my dream too. So I contacted my friend Anand Sahasrabuddhe who is in the same industry since last 7-8 years. He is very good at music arrangement. He has good knowledge of instruments, technical side of music and recording techniques. It was a chance for me to learn many things from him. Apart from that, Suresh Wadkar, Vaishali Made, Mandar Apte (not the owner of this website), and Shrirang Bhave sang a in my album. I consider myself a fortunate music director for that. I have learnt a lot from them. It was a great experience working with them. Musicians I got were maestro. All are leading musicians in today’s date. People see them frequently on TV in various music shows. So overall it was best period of my life and I hope many such best periods will come in future.

Few Photographs from CD Launch



Few Photographs from the Event






By The Way What fills your day to day life???
Apart from music, I have fond of reading books or any interesting thing. I keep on reading whenever I get time. I am a social person. I love mixing up with the people. I hardly sleep on Sunday afternoon, which is the most tempting afternoon to everybody. I utilize that time in outings. That refreshes me again. In today’s era, people hardly exert their body. It’s not their fault, its type of today’s work. So you are actually not tired because of exertion. You are tired because of same topics that are lingering in your brain. You are tired by your mind. You need to give rest to your brain. Best way to do so is involve yourself in some other work, nature, or anything else. I do that.

What inspires you the most in your work???
Freshness. Music gives you tremendous freshness. It improves your creativity. It makes you think in multiple ways. It pulls me to it always.


What are you currently doing & What are your future plans?
A famous type of Indian Music is Bhajan, devotional songs. I like this category of music a lot. I have 10 abhangas ready for my album. Now making it as a product and sale is the challenging task for me. I am concentrating on it. I know, very few people like devotional songs, mostly old age people take interest in it. Youths hardly turn to it. But very frankly speaking, I know what is good and what is not. I don’t want to make business of my songs. I want to give only good music. I will not make only that which is being bought a lot. I will do in such a way that people will be inspired to buy it. Today, there are few music directors who give best music. Else people have no option. They listen whatever you bombard on them. They are helpless. They don’t have much option. I’ll give them an option. A better option. My current aim is to give good music, high quality music. And I see myself doing the same in future too. This is my aim.

Your favorite Quote
Your goal is not as lovable as your journey to achieve it.

Can you describe for us how you compose music, step by step
Till date its unpredictable to me too. It comes out by itself, I don’t know how. I think an artist gets a feeling before giving birth to his creation. What he needs to do is to give time at right time.

What will you like to say while concluding this interview?
I am an artist. Whatever I am doing now and will do in future, will be because of blessings of god, my fans. An artist becomes celebrity because of his fan followers. I can tell you, creativity, art is not controlled by human. It blends with the blood of that lucky person who is blessed by god. And an artist should always have to be thankful to him. I thank god for gifting me some kind of art. He made me an artist. I prey him to keep me away from ego, negativity. I demand support from my fans. I will be able to create new creation only if you wish good for me. Thanks a lot for supporting me till date. Thanks you…!!!

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