Here is how to enable Family Sharing for Apple ID that you are using to buy Apps from AppStore, eBooks from iBooks Store, Songs from iTunes Store using your own iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or even Macintosh OSX just to share your purchases within your family members and save money.

One of the best feature of owning the Mac or any iOS device with Apple ID is that you can setup your family sharing with your account so that family head can share his credit / debit card purchases within his family members.

Apple allow to setup family sharing up to six members.

Family head with adult age can approve or buy app, songs, ebooks for his family member so that no duplicate purchase would be made of same digital content which leads to financial savings.


Here is what Apple say about it’s Family Sharing feature: Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts. Pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids’ spending right from a parent’s device. And share photos, a family calendar, and more to help keep everyone connected.

Here is in detail how to setup ‘Family Sharing’:


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Managing Apple ID with your OSX & iOS Devices for Maximum Online Security & Peace of Mind. Manage your Apple ID & Communication preferences with small tweaks & changes.

Nowadays every other person we meet on street have smart phone, tablet or phablet & we all have laptop in bag & desktop computer at home & in office.

So data security between devices is big issue now.

Let’s see for Apple Products user in Apple iOS & OSX ecosystem everyone has iMac or Mac Pro, iPhone or iPod touch & iPad. So using modern technologies like iCloud is main key to handling data between all of this devices.

So I will note down few points that will help you to manage your Apple ID to secure your devices & data like contacts, iWork Data files, Keychain passwords & access, iCloud Data, Photos, Notes, Safari Bookmarks & Even features like Back to my Mac, Find my Mac & WiFi iOS Over the air backups.

01 Manage & Sign In Apple ID URL


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How to Delete & Deactivate Apple ID, Here is the Answer

It is general assumption is that you can’t delete your Apple ID.

Even if you send support or help request to Apple Support team even they will say that…

But here is way out of this goof-up.


First step is to gather all required information to varify your account in one place..

First is Your ‘Username’

Note it down

Second is Your ‘Security Question’s Answer’

Note it down it too…

Third is to be ready to login with your account

Under security tab you have ‘Generate Pin’ tab… You will need this tabbed to be click to generate pin to share with your Apple iTunes Support Team expert which will help him to access your account & confirm your identity.


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