How to learn to Design & Develop for iOS Devices like iPhone & iPad

Here are two free ways to learn to design & develop for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

Apple Developer Videos

I know you definitely know Apple’s Website but there is one website dedicated to developers only called

As you may know Apple has ‘World Wide Developer Conference’ i.e. WWDC every year dedicated only to Developers on Apple Platform. Lucky thing is that Apple releases it’s WWDC keynote & learning session videos on web through their own developer site which is mentioned above. (more…)

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Design Tools Comparison

Today I decided to compare different design tools or computer applications available in market to just to differentiate them with each other

Before even talking about Computer Design Applications you can guess what big companies are involved in to developing them, examples are Adobe, Autodesk, Apple, Microsoft

Sometimes as Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Animator is really hard to understand what tools to choose before even starting a design process but you have to keep in mind that tool are just tools not an design solution that will dictate your design process but it will just help you to do your job done. (more…)

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What is right PC or Mac for Design i.e. Choosing Your Dream Machine to do Designing & less Computing

Let me help you to buy your personal computer to do design…!!!

As Apple’s Boilerplate suggest, ‘Apple ignited the personal computer revolution with the Apple II, then reinvented the personal computer with the Macintosh. Apple continues to lead the industry with its award-winning computers, OS X operating system, and iLife, iWork and professional applications. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced its magical iPad which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.’

It all started with Macintosh & Mac Paint… (more…)

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Creating & Choosing Your First Design Portfolio Format & updating it over the years

Being in field of ‘Design’ where person identified by his work… So documenting your own work in some kind of portfolio or just collection of well designed Artworks will work for Artist & his career.

In today’s world of digital art having portfolio in tradition form like printed artworks on fine paper sticked inside leather jacket & having own domain name & website dedicated to showcase portfolio online will build credibility to artist’s professional career (more…)

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Want to attend Design Interview??? What You will carry in to showcase your design portfolio & What will cost less to your pocket? MacBook? MacBook Air? or Just An iPad

For almost last one year or two I am surrounded by this question….

You want to attend an interview with big company for the post related to design industry…

Then what will you carry with you MacBook? or MacBook Air? or an iPad…

Carrying your whole work portfolio in CD or Flash Drive is risky as recruiter may copy your work to their computer without asking you about to do so or not… So there is possibility of theft of your intellectual property… So right way to carry your work would be carrying it in your own machine, mac in this case. (more…)

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Designed on Mac & Designing on Something Else

Few points that I recognize that are important while experiencing design process on Mac & Something else called PC… Those are as follows

Designed on Mac

  1. Mac has factory Calibrated display
  2. Square looks Square & Rectangle looks Rectangle & not other way around
  3. 15% black has identity on display & which is recognizable (more…)

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One Designer’s Problems Having MBA person as his Project Manager

  1. MBA Person thinks he own all work & credit of the same work as his own not the artist… because he thinks by giving suggestions & corrections he owns the artwork as his intellectual property…
  2. Because of the earlier point MBA person thinks he owns the salary increment & not the artist for work done by the artist. (more…)

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How IT Company or Upcoming Animation Company’s Design Supervision Department Functions

Here is details of How IT Company or Upcoming Animation Company’s Design Supervision Departments Works or Fail to Work


  1. They decide everything even video editing on phone
  2. They try to find defects in you & your work so that you can improve on that
  3. They have so many hidden salary structure rules that when you find about that rules you just can’t stop laughing you find this when your actually salary totally differs from salary on the paper (more…)

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Learning Web Design & Graphic Design on Personal Computer

I know the day the I got my first windows based computer.

In few days or so I started learning to design through computer using CorelDraw & Photoshop… as it was more popular in those days & as it is today. But mind you it was not long ago as it was year 2002-03.

I read somewhere on web If you want to learn web design compare two technology giants’ websites i.e. Microsoft.Com & Apple.Com


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