Mandar Apte is Mumbai based design consultancy firm where artistic & design core values are coincide with user studies & analysis. We do all graphic, web, visual, user interface, user experience, animation, illustration, advertising & print design related work. We utilise Industry standard toolsets to capture imagination into art & design.

What we do & our core competencies
Graphic Design or Logo & Symbol Design, Branding & Identity Design is core competencies. To give you complete picture of Media Visualisation & Creation for your company we also offer service in Web Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Animation, Print Media Design.

How we can work together
Daily life of every individual in this world as if today is always surrounded by media which are evolving around digital content creations. There are following ways that we can work together to remove digital content creation hassle from your mind.

Design Consultancy:
I can work as design consultant for your organisation to reach larger amount of customer through building right media strategies, design concepts & even media planning to execute strategy completely.

Design Outsourcing:
India emerging as a big destination of outsourcing for countries like European Union & USA. Design is one of the most utilise outsourcing skill set or technique from Indian designers.

Design Freelancing:
Design freelancing a older concept of delivering ideas of client through media planing designing. Working together project by project will be the single approach of working & moving together.

Our Services Offerings:
We offer Design Services mainly in the field of Graphic Design & UI Design. Our Online Portfolio is the syndication of works done by Mandar Apte in the field of design. You can contact Mandar Apte if you want to see detailed portfolio of Graphic Design mainly ‘Logo & Symbol’ Design.


Details of Services:


Logo & Symbol Design or Graphic Design:

Being Applied Art Graduate & having more than 4 years of graphic design Industry experience, I have experienced a lot about building & developing graphic design thought process in your mind. Building logo & symbols with various shapes & colours found in nature & in man made world. Concept Development, Sketching, visualising & developing it final thought of idea to just create brand image in mind of consumer to convey & experience the thought & idea of company.


Animation Film Design:

I design Animation Films with thorough study of idea then concept development of the same, second step is story boarding & then towards third step of animatics of storyboards.

After animatics we proceed to final Animation Film Design making. We generally use Adobe Flash Professional / Adobe After Effects & Macintosh OSX Systems for greater quality for video.

As being animator myself for last 10 years while studying animation, illustration it helps to achieve higher possible results through design & art.


Dynamic Website Design:

In today’s blogging age with CMS (Content Management System) business flowing, It’s really need to have a Dynamic Website to have to market your services & products is necessary. I normally develop websites with modern OpenSource HTML5 & CSS3 standards with use open source technologies like WordPress, WebKit. Utilising WebMaster Tools Services like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google / Bing (Microsoft) / Yahoo! WebMaster Services Integration is must have to know your audience & to know what drives traffic to your website.


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Technologies Expertise:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator, GIMP, InkScape, & Web Technologies like HTML5, CSS3

Let’s Talk
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