How to unsubscribe & stop receiving new blog post or any updates notifications from LinkedIn connections

With latest updates to LinkedIn Professional Network website they have added feature to allow user to write article or blog post to help them to give chance & platform to write their views / idea on industry they are in.

But by default LinkedIn subscribes you to notifications for new blog post that your connections will publish in future. So it really make mess to see multiple notification for your connection that has published post on LinkedIn.

So here is how to unsubscribe from notifications about new blog posts that they have published.

Step 01: I assume you are already sign in to LinkedIn.

Step 02: When you get notification on your notification icon on your top navigation bar or header of your LinkedIn page.

Step 03: Click on that notification icon.

Step 04: When you mouse hover on particular notification delete or cross button will appear for that notification click on it it will ask if you really want to unsubscribe from receiving new blog post notifications from that particular user.

Step 05: Click on unsubscribe & you are done.


Note: When you unsubscribe notifications from particular connection he or she will not be informed by LinkedIn that you have unsubscribed. So relax!

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Mandar Apte

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