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How to fix Adobe Photoshop error warning dialog box called ‘Could not edit the layer because the layer is locked.’

When you open png or jpg from web & you want to edit locked background layer. Then you double click on ‘background layer’ You get this warning called ‘Could not edit the layer because the layer is locked.’


Here is How to fix this error

Step 01:

Select Background Layer

Step 02:


Solution 01:

Double click on locked layer which will bring new layer dialog box click OK & your background layer will become Layer 0 and is unlocked


Solution 02:

Option Click on Mac or Alt Click on Windows on Locked layer to make layer unlocked


Solution 03:

Drag Layer’s Lock Symbol to trash icon available at bottom panel.



Photoshop will convert background layer to Layer 0

Now layer will be available for editing & manipulation.

Hope it helps,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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