Update on the Last Blog Post: Genoside and Hatred of Brahman. The past, present, and future.

On October 3, 2023, I posted a thorough blog article detailing my own experience with severe brahman heatred and how the non-brahman community has normalized it. Remember my experience was dated in year 2013/14 when I was working in company called GEP. Today we are in year 2024 and it is still same mentality of killing all brahmans in three minutes and etc.

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This community calls itself ‘Brhmanetar Samaj’, i.e. ब्राह्मणेतर समाज.

Those communities are ready to call themselves ‘Backward Class’ just to get freebies like free jobs, free education, and free monthly monetary benefits.

So the title is Backward they want to have for themselves. Is this a sign why they are still hating Brahmans since independence in 1947 until today, 2024, and it will be until tomorrow, I wish or suppose?

As I see all prior reserved cast communities still getting reservation seats since, say, more than 60 years. But they are still on the reservation, and they want to be that way for the next 100 years.

Is it not that funny that they want to be in the so-called backward class for the next 100 years? This is what I read in the news paper where the current Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi head, Prakash Ambedkar, said in his comments in long past. And other leaders like him who represent those backward-class communities.

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What Special Legal Rights That Muslim Exercise in India That allows them to call any fellow Kafir A ‘Shaitan’. My first-hand experience with Mongini’s Muslim Employee.


There has been a Monginis cake shop in my area for 15+ years.

I used to eat chocolate cakes in the same shop.

However, after a few interactions, I started experiencing irregularities, hindrances or arrogance by the shopkeeper when you asked for the order. Sometimes, an older person who is supposed to be a shop owner will insult you or talk rashly in English to sound excellent and non-offensive on the part of the shopkeeper.

After a few interactions in the first 5/6 years, I never went back to shopping again to eat cakes.

So here I am documenting my first-hand experiences with Monginis Cake Shop in my area.

First Experience:

So it was the same shopkeeper I mentioned above when I went to the same shop in the early years there was a single cake remaining in one rack which was four weeks old and past the date of expiry written on its label.

So, by choice, I told him to give me a different cake to eat, which was very fresh as per the date mentioned on its label.

But in difference or kind hate about maybe Marathi speaking locals or perhaps ignorance of health issues will that person have or sake selling cakes without thinking about society health he didn’t bother to give a cake that I chose which was same day delivered. Still, he offered me a cake that was four weeks old. So I told him I ordered a different cake, and you gave me a rotten one, which is four weeks old. He said it doesn’t matter, eat it. Nothing will happen to you.

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The Mentality of the Backward Class in Bharat Today. The reality of Asking for Free Reservations and Free Employment.

The Mentality of the Backward Class in Bharat Today. The reality of Asking for Free Reservations and Free Employment.


I have been Brahman since birth. For the last 40 years, I have heard that a girl/boy from Brahman cast the lost Medical College Admission seat even though she got 99.95% in 12th. Then she told me that in the reserve/backward cast merit list, admission got closed at 50%. The same is true in college admissions related to the engineering field.

There is one side more dominated by the Political Agenda that the backward class community deserve or holds the first right to educational and professional opportunities in India than other equal citizens of different casts. The reason they feel everything they say is valid is that the backward class was kept depressed and oppressed by the higher class, specifically by Brahmans. They feel Brahmans are the ones who deny them the right to education and keep them oppressed for thousands of years.

Then came reality when I, as a human being, was seen by backward-class individuals as a target because they got where they are today, i.e. being backward class. Then these people start shitting on Brahman rituals, men/women how they are sexually and morally corrupt.

I experience this in the workplace, Mumbai local trains, colleges and schools.

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Web Domains For Sale

Hello, This is Mandar Apte I am listing domains for sale that I am currently under my ownership.

Leading three domain brands that I own are as follows:

Workflow Kit
Best suited for automation domain-based web/mobile/tablet applications.

Usability Kit
Best suited for HCI, User Experience, and User Interaction domain-based web/mobile/tablet applications.

Bajirao Peshwa
Best suited for Hindu, Religious, and Military domain-based web/mobile/tablet applications.

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GEP Company Review – My experience with Brahmin Hatred, Insult, Frustration, and Abuse because of untrustworthy Managers and irresponsible Human Resource Managers


I joined GEP (Global eProcure) company as a UI Designer in 2015.

The company was overstaffed or overcrowded as they planned to buy two more floors in the same building. But it used to be seen as a time profitability of the company.

In a few weeks, I realised the company app we designed and developed was unstable and lousy by performance vice. And we were losing customers every day. In the words of the company’s current clients, they can’t even interact as the development team used multiple external frameworks on every page rather than inline coding it by themselves. It seems an analytical page that the company app’s essential feature took more than fifteen minutes to load, which should be not more than five seconds or less.

There were multiple Usability issues, such as an add user form with hundreds of input fields, no autocomplete, no progress bar, and no step-by-step wizard-type interface so that the user can take a break or complete tasks later. With this, a minute inactivity threshold was added by developers, which caused users to be unable to use the app. This company hired its staff to feed data rather than fix the product, as its clients can’t use it.

So it was messy. On the outside, the company was on a hiring spree with a shiny face outside. But inside, all was screwed up. And things were going downstream towards hell.

During this period, suddenly, we as a designing team got to know from our current manager, Mr Muthu, that a new UXD Manager will lead us from the next minute, and HR has arranged for a meeting with the team in the next three minutes.

We learned the new Manager was Mr. Roy. Our old demoted Manager was shaken inside.

My interaction with my old manager was abusive. He used to spit curses at every member with statements like design should be wow, मजा नही आ राहा है, i.e., In a word, it should look like interfaces designed by Apple or Microsoft UXD Team. The new manager even outsourced design to Microsoft’s Consultant for around fifty lakhs. But the result was a failure, with the money going for no good.

The Real Story:

In this ugly environment. I was having lunch with my team one fine day. A man almost my age was sitting before me named Mr Kadam. He suddenly started abusing my Brahmin Cast with statements I will list below in numbers.

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Is photography as an art form still relevant today?

As far as I remember, we used to have Display, Illustration, Calligraphy/Typography, Photography and Print as specialisation subjects for the BFA Applied Art graduation course.

Even I preferred Illustrations over Photography. And my decision still stands true today.

Before choosing Photography for your life-long venture, let me explain a few points I want you to consider.

Is Photography Artform or Just Technique?:
What first thing you do in photography today is you have to buy a camera first. Now, all are digital cameras, so choosing a lens, filter, and measuring light can be fixed at a later stage. Post-production is dominating over pre-production and production planning. It is supposed to be Preproduction, i.e. Planning should be 80 or 90% of your time. Production should take, i.e. Actual execution should be 5% of the time. And post-production time should be 5% or nil as you have already planned everything. But it is precisely the opposite now.

Modern Mobile Phones:
Apple iPhone 15 Cameras with Massive Storage And production quality apps available at your fingertips. All apps are almost free.

Photo Sharing Web & Mobile Apps:
With Instagram, we hardly visit real-world exhibitions happening around the locality. Now, everyone posts their photos on Instagram and other social networks.

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Stop OpenAI’s ChatGPT User agent from scanning and using your website’s content.


Wikipedia Describes ChatGPT as an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of large language models (LLMs) and has been fine-tuned (an approach to transfer learning) using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

ChatGPT can access real-time info from the web using plug-ins.

If you don’t want the ChatGPT User-agent to use your website’s data, you can block it using your robots.txt file.

A ‘robots.txt’ file is generally located at the root of the web server and can be accessed using SFTP or can be viewed using this URL:


(replace ‘yourwebsite.com’ with your domain name)

You need to add this rule to your website’s ‘robot.txt’ file

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Uber Driver Tip, A illegal/unlawful/unthoughtful user interaction

One fine day I was returning from one destination to home through a cab booked over Uber Cabs. While travelling, I snacked and drank water, and my hand was wet. Once I arrived, I made a trip payment through an online card or Amazon Pay.

About to get out of the car, I was scrolling on my iPhone through my wet fingers to rate that trip.

In the next second, I received an in-app notification that you had been charged INR 100 for tipping the driver for a safe ride. In disbelief, I thought about how that happened, as I was not planning to tip the driver.

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Betting your company on Metaverse AR/VR Craze

First Story that I want to share today is from my experience

In 2009 I worked as an Animator and E-Learning Courseware Creator and Designer. And I was planning to switch the design domain to HCI/UX, i.e. Human-Computer Interaction/User Experience Design.

And software like Apple Shake and Adobe After Effects was standard competitive tool used in both domains.

I was using an iMac at that time. Adobe After Effects was bundled in Creative Suite, costing around INR 45,000/- in India. Apple Shake was way cheaper as it was a standalone offering from Apple.

It was the day of 30th July 2009 that I was going to start to learn the Apple Shake as Apple offered all tutorials on their website for free. And it was the same day that Apple discontinued Apple Shake. When I woke early to learn, I saw the news on their portal. I was devastated by the news. But I was relieved as I saved my time as if I started learning it two months ago, and then they discontinued it, which was a waste of time and energy. The software skill you acquired doesn’t exist in the world, or there is no demand for your talent in your industry, is a total waste of time.

There is another story that I can share with you today.

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Human Factors International (HFI) UX/UxD/HCI Certification Reality

By graduate degree, I am a BFA Applied Art graduate. I know the UX field has existed in India and World longer than I know, but I learned of it at my first job around 2007. I am a multidisciplinary designer.

I opted to do User Experience Design/User Interaction Design/Human-Computer Interaction Design certification around 2016. I have been going through HFI’s website since the year 2012.

HFI has three main certifications Certified Usability Analyst (CUA), Certified Certified
Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA), Certified Digital Persuasion Analyst (CDPA).

My observation was HFI was increasing the cost of Certification every year by 15% to 20%.

When I first visited their website, the cost was INR 75,000/-, But when I registered for the CUA course, it was INR 1,08,000/- Immediately the following year, they increased rice to almost INR 1,20,000/-.

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