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Copyright Notice for Written Blog Articles & Designs / Artworks that are showcased under personal & clients’ work by Mandar Apte on or

All Written Blog Article, Designs & Artworks content posted under blog & website name of ‘Mandar Apte’ (i.e. is copyrighted content. Mandar Apte is the copyright owner of ‘’ blog & website.

You can’t copy or post my content as it is or any other form or any other way on your website, video or in print.

You can’t misuse my content. You can’t resell my content, you can’t post my content on your website as it yours or you can’t hotlink my images or freebies for downloads.

You can’t sell my content without my permission & without my consent. Please take my permission before through email.

All views expressed on the blog are all personal views of ‘Mandar Apte’. All personal views expressed are for his record only.

All views expressed in articles written by other writers/bloggers are expressions of Respective self & are expressed for their record only.

Images & Artworks posted on Design Portfolio, Art of Mandar Apte or any other blog post page are sole properties of Mandar Apte himself or Mandar Apte & client if it is done specifically for a professional project.

All Data Copyrighted, Only if stated otherwise.

Licensing & Terms of Use for resources available on Design Resource (i.e. and Developer Resource (i.e. Subdomain or Blog

All Design Resources made available or posted under ‘design resource’ and ‘developer resource’ subdomain & blog category on Mandar Apte, including but not limited to source code samples, wallpapers, textures, icons, images, brushes, shapes, layer styles, layered PSD’s, patterns, web elements and themes, screensavers are free for use in your personal or professional projects.

You may freely use my resources, without restriction, in software programs, web templates and other materials intended for sale or distribution. No attribution or back-links are strictly required but play the game, it’s always nice to be credited for your work. Any form of spreading the word is always appreciated!

You are not permitted to make the resources found on ‘design resource’ and ‘developer resource’ (subdomain of ‘Mandar Apte’) available for distribution elsewhere “as is” without prior consent. If you would like to feature our resources on your site, please do not link directly to the resource zip files or Flickr links as these URLs change periodically, please link to the appropriate page on where users can find their required download.

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