Hello, This is Mandar Apte—a multidisciplinary designer from Mumbai, India. I create linguistic apps for Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Mudrakshar – Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac App

Learn how to identify, write/trace, and pronounce Devanagari alphabets and numerals. A step-by-step and stroke-by-stroke reference guide for tracing alphabets and numerals. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their Devanagari writing skills.

Swarakshar – Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac App

An excellent reference guide for pronouncing 5,000-year-old Devanagari script alphabets.

Chitrakshar – Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac App

Learn Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, and English using alphabet picture cards and voice-overs. The app uses old teaching methodologies such as Aksharmala, Varnamala, and Alphabets Picture Cards visualised for Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac.