How to unsubscribe & stop receiving new blog post or any updates notifications from LinkedIn connections

With latest updates to LinkedIn Professional Network website they have added feature to allow user to write article or blog post to help them to give chance & platform to write their views / idea on industry they are in.

But by default LinkedIn subscribes you to notifications for new blog post that your connections will publish in future. So it really make mess to see multiple notification for your connection that has published post on LinkedIn.

So here is how to unsubscribe from notifications about new blog posts that they have published.

Step 01: I assume you are already sign in to LinkedIn.


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What is Restrictions (parental control) in iOS, How to set & change password for restrictions on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Let’s know what is Restrictions:

Restrictions on iOS is also known as parental control.

You can turn on Restrictions on your iOS device to prevent access to specific apps and features.

You can disable hide specific apps or features to child lock or prevent particular user to access Safari, Camera, FaceTime, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, In-App Purchases, Siri, AirDrop, CarPlay, Installing apps from Apple App Store, Deleting apps.

You can also block changes or availability of types of content for specific user including Ratings, Music and podcasts, Movies, TV shows, Books, Apps, Siri, Websites etc.


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Here is how to set a background color in UIimage using Swift Programming Language while developing app for iOS in Xcode. With addition to this here is list of UIColor predefined / preset component values in Xcode that you can use using dot operator

I will explain below how to set background color to UIimage while developing app for iOS.


Assumptions: I assume that you have already created Xcode project for iOS app development & you are using storyboards for developing the same. Also you have dragged UIimage View to your current ViewController.

Step 01: Now connect your UIimage View to your ViewController.swift file with code something like this


@IBOutlet weak var selectImage: UIImageView!

Step 02: Now in your desired function set your UIimage’s background color with following code using dot operator


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How to add / insert comma to numerical values for more than three digits in Apple (iWork) Numbers for every thousands separator on Macintosh (OSX)

While working in Apple Numbers calculating your expenses, expenditures & revenue you may think whether it can be more helpful to have separator after every thousands, millions & billions for American, UK, Europe based calculations in Dollars ($) & Pounds (£) or euro (€) or in Indian rupees (₹) for every thousand, lac & crore.

In simple words your & mine common problem is unreadable & unrecognisable number like: 1000000

So you want it display for USD something Like this: 1,000,000

OR for Indian subcontinent you may want it to display numbers in 10,00,000 with logical separators

Here is the solution:


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How to Change iOS Device’s (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) Status Bar text colour using Swift Development Language in Xcode

Let’s get started & know what is the exact requirement before we proceed for solution.


Assumption: I assume that you want to have Status Bar text colour to be white as your Navigation Bar background is in dark colour. I also assume that you are developing your iOS app with latest version of iOS 9 or higher & latest version Swift & Xcode

Step 01: Click on your Project icon in your ‘Project Navigator’ tab in your respective projects left panel ‘Navigator’ tab.

Step 02: Select your project title under ‘Targets’

Step 03: Select ‘Info’ tab


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How to programmatically change iOS app’s global tint colour, Navigation / Toolbar / Tab Bar’s tint (i.e. Text & Icon Colour) & bar tint colour (i.e. Background colour) using Swift Language while developing app in Xcode

Let’s get to the root of this topic,

Case: A case where you are developing your iOS app & you want to use your custom colour to colorise global tint colour for text & icon in your respective app & you also want to change tint & bar tint colour for Navigation Bar / Tab Bar / Tool Bar in your app.


Assumption: I assume you are well worse with iOS development in Xcode, You have embedded navigation controller to your app storyboard’s respective view controller & you have added tab bar view controller or dragged toolbar to your app’s view controller. I also assume you are using Swift as your programming language.



Note: You will have to copy following code in your iOS App’s AppDelegate.swift file’s ‘didFinishLaunchingWithOptions’ function while developing the same app in Xcode.


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How to disable or remove close, minimise, resize button from Mac OSX App’s title bar while developing the same app in Xcode

While developing OSX App in Xcode you may want your Apps Window Controller should be without either close, minimise & resize button or all, Here is how to do it easily within Xcode.


Assumption: I assume you are using Storyboards while developing app in Xcode.

Step 01: Select Storyboard in left panel ‘Project Navigator’,


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