Here is how to fix if you are unable to update apps or install new apps from Apple AppStore on your iOS device including iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

I first time faced this problem when I upgraded my iOS operating system from iOS7 to iOS8, I was unable to update my apps & even I was unable to download new apps from AppStore or from recent purchases.

First time I thought this is because slow WiFi but no avail after deleting old network & adding same network again doesn’t fixed my problem.


So I called up Apple Online Support Toll Free number what they said that this was happening because I installed new operating system via WiFi it may cause errors because of WiFi network loss or network interruptions. They said it is best way to upgrade iOS device operating system is via iTunes.

So here is how to fix this problem if you are getting error like unable to install updates this time, unable to download app at this time, unable to purchase or App doesn’t exist on AppStore:


Note: First things first backup your iOS device using iTunes before following below steps.


Prerequisite: Before moving forward update your Mac to latest updates for OSX & iTunes software using Mac App Store. Only if all apps are up to date with latest versions you can move forward.


Solution 01:

Step 01: Open Settings App: Go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Step 02: Now tap on ‘Reset All Settings’ button it may ask for device security code or password enter that then confirm again by tapping on ‘Reset All Settings’ button prompt.

Step 03: Your device will reboot with reseted settings to factory default system wide.

Step 04: Now Add WiFi network again to your wifi settings tab & If asked enter your AppStore password, Now try to update your apps from AppStore.

I am 100% Assure that you will able to update your Apps & download new one with this tweak.


Solution 02: Another solution would reseting your iOS device to it’s factory settings

Step 01: Check if your OSX & iTunes is up to date using software update. Use latest software only.

Step 02: Connect your iOS device to iTunes through your computer USB cable.

Step 03: Select your device in iTunes & under Summery pane click on Restore button for your device.


Step 04: Confirm Restore by clicking Restore again to restore your device to factory settings and delete all data and content. iTunes will download the iOS software file and restore your iOS device.


Step 05: After your device is restored your device will restart & will display ‘Slide to Setup’ button on screen. now you have to follow on screen instructions to set up the device.


Step 06: Now you can restore your backup Apps, Books & Music to your device using iTunes


Solution 03: If solution two doesn’t work then last resort is you can put your iOS device in recovery mode and then restore it with iTunes.

Step 01: Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 02: Press and hold both the Sleep / Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, and don’t release until you see the Apple logo. Keep holding until you see the recovery mode screen. It will look something like below image.


Step 03: When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. Wait while iTunes downloads the software for your device.


Note: If the download takes more than 15 minutes and your device will exit recovery mode, you’ll need to repeat these steps and choose Restore again when iTunes completes downloading iOS Software.

Step 04: Follow on screen instructions shown by iTunes & after iTunes completes restoring your iOS device your problem should be solved automatically. Hope it helps.

Hope it helps,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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33 thoughts on “Here is how to fix if you are unable to update apps or install new apps from Apple AppStore on your iOS device including iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  1. It keeps telling me to verify payment authorization? For free apps? I can’t even install the update. I don’t have a credit card and there is no other option beyond the payment auth screen. Nothing but headaches with Apple.

    1. I am unable to update my apps as well…butI am able to download new ones. I get the same message about payment verification for free apps…I also get one that says unable to purchase an application that I’ve never heard of let alone tried to purchase???

  2. hi,i cant seem to update my iphone5,ifollowed the steps like you said but it still keeps saying update not available and i cant update any of the already instaled app either,am really getting tired of iphone since this ios8 shattered my once perfect phone and process,please can you help

  3. My iPod 4th generation keeps sting unable to download at this time when I try to download a game or update it what do I do?

  4. Many thanks for your solution to not being able to update apps.
    Using reset all settings & then adding in our wifi worked perfectly on both our iPhones.
    Thank you so much
    Kind regards

  5. Thanks for your suggestions above. I used the function Reset All and I am able to update my IPad apps

  6. Hello! Good day! I can’t install any apps on my iphone4. and when i tried to install an app it keeps on loading then the blue circle on the appstore keeps on going, Then after a seconds it keep on saying ”WAITING”. Please help me :( Thanks in advance sir! :)

    1. Hi, Try hard reseting your Iphone.
      Press and both hold home button and sleep button simultaneously,
      keep holding for 5-6sec. till apple logo appears,
      try updating your apps now.
      It worked for me.


    2. Hello! Good day! I can’t install any apps on my iphone4. and when i tried to install an app it keeps on loading then the blue circle on the appstore keeps on going, Then after a seconds it keep on saying ”WAITING”. Please help me …
      I already reset and Hard reset my iphone4 and i also did the restore iphone on itunes connected by the usb cord…but still after that its the same thing i still cant update and download application stuck on waiting then it will say unable to download app at this time…Please help me… Thanks alot in advance

      1. As I have written in my blog post first backup your iPhone using iTunes while connecting it to your Mac using USB cable then reinstall current generation iOS operating system, It should work.

    1. First backup your device & then reinstall current iOS Operating System using iTunes while connecting your device to your Mac or Computer using USB wire.

      Try to avoid WiFi update or Sync as it creates problems in installation & backup.

  7. Hi Dears,

    I got a problem of Unable Download in Appstore while i am using IOS 8.1.3 in my Ipad then i have tried to update and restore system to latest version IOS 9.2 by PC but it still the problem like before although i installed last version of IOS . after that i try to reset all setting & Sign out itunes and Appstore then press Sleep with Home Bottom to reset , whatever i try for many methods it still doesn’t work for me . BUT i get wonder that in my Itunes and App of Sitting for sign in Apple ID have different FORM of sign in ( Normally it look big and good form to sign in but it is look small and different from system ) . i think it may from this point that i get the problem above. ( Before i used iO8 8.1.3 with Jailbreak and i use 25PP china too ) when i got a problem then i update to IOS 9.2 by PC .

    if you anyone have idea or the ways , please help me . i need you help so much .

  8. But if I do that above, all my apps will be cleared!!! It works because I tried it before but all apps will be cleared and after 1or2 months this error will be appread on ur device!!!! Please tell me another way to solve this problem!!!!

  9. I did the same as u mention in the first method. But I am still unable to install or update apps in my iPhone 5s. Please solve it

  10. I purchased Iphone 6S in last month, Feb’16. Appstore worked for only 1 month. Now I am not able to update the existing apps or downloading new apps. I spent more than 3 days and tried for all combinations, Reset the factory settings, reboot the device etc etc etc. But the result is zero. Iphone 6S is not at all user friendly. I did a mistake in buying iphone 6S.

  11. Hello
    Thanks for your support
    my apple 4s can’t download any app in AppStore
    I thought is better reset all eras for new setting device.
    I tried it but device can’t erase all content.
    help me please to fixe this problem.
    Thanks for all

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