Here is how to fix Xcode iOS App Storyboard related error called ‘Frame for “Text View” will be different at run time.’

The Xcode error called ‘Frame for “Text View” will be different at run time.’ is frequent when you are trying to utilise Auto Layout with using reset to suggested constraints in Xcode Storyboard.


So here is how to fix it:

Step 01: Above Debug Are in your Xcode’s Storyboard’s view screen you will have 4 buttons at extreme right. Use pin button third from right to add new constraints per item at top, right, bottom & left & uncheck constrain to margins.


Step 02: You will see expected errors in error log at left hand side pan of Xcode storyboard under issue navigator tab

Step 03: Now select expected view controller then Go to > Editor > Resolve Auto layout Issues > Under All views in ViewController click on “Add Missing constraints”. Now you should have fixed your all issues in issue navigator tab.

Hope it helps,

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