My new venture into selling Stock Photography on

From the start of being student of BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) – Applied Art & even before that when I started with automatic film camera I was trying to be good photographer or may be I was.   Last year of my graduation I bought Canon A520 Point & Shoot camera & using that …

Showcase of My work as Graphic Designer in IITB Powai working on Project OSCAR

Hi All,   He is my work showcased on Project OSCAR’s website,   Work showcased is E Learning Work done for IITB’s Environmental Science Department.   Title of Animation is ‘Uptake Mechanisms of oil and hydrocarbons in Microorganisms’.

Artist’s Updates’ – Apple iMac + Wacom Tablet + Mac AppStore + Free Apps like Autodesk Sketchbook Express or Copic Edition = Solution Just Work’s

I have just discovered the free Digital Drawing & Painting Apps directly from AppStore…   Autodesk SketchBook Express or Copic Edition is the Finding…!!!

Art of Mandar Apte – Showcase of my Professional & Personal Works in blog format

For last two day I was thinking about sharing my Artworks in blog format.   Main motive behind this showcase would be to have detailed info about artwork how it was designed, what thought process was behind particular Artwork & what Computer Applications used etc.