Creating single PDF by combining multiple image, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg files & documents using Preview on Mac OS X

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Here is simple solution to create single PDF by combining multiple files from various files types.


Assumption: I Assume you have 10 png files that you want to combine in to single PDF file.

Note: It really doesn’t matter if those 10 files have different height & width dimensions.

Here is how to do this:

Step 01: Locate & Open Preview in Applications folder on your Macintosh

Step 02: Select Preview now go to File > Open

Step 03: Select & Open all desired files in Preview

Step 04: Go to View > Select Thumbnails. Now you should be able to see thumbnail of all opened files in left sidebar of your preview.

Step 05: Select all thumbnails in left sidebar by clicking on first thumbnail & then pressing Command + A, Now Go to File > Export Selected Images to batch process to convert file type of all png files to PDF > Now click on Options > Under Format choose PDF > Click ‘Choose’ to choose destination of for saving files

Step 06: Now open that first newly created PDF file in Preview & Now go to Edit > Insert > Page From File… > Now locate & select those remaining files & insert it in current PDF file

Step 07: Now click on Save to save your PDF with changes you have done & page you have inserted.

You are done with creating single PDF by combining multiple files & documents using Preview on Mac OS X.

Hope it helps,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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