How to fix iTunes Connect error ‘No identities are available for signing’, This error appear every time you are trying to upload your iOS App binary from Xcode to iTunes Connect for Apple App Store Distribution

The issue of ‘No identities are available for signing’ starts with default behaviour of Xcode when you create new app in Xcode itself,

You fill up following information in Xcode while creating new app for iOS,

creat new project xcode ios bundle idetifier organisation idetifier product name

i.e. Product Name, Organisation Name, Company Identifier & it generates bundle identifier based on your inputs

Apple blindly by default & forcefully inserts ‘Product Name’ in bundle identifier without prompt or even asking user about it they want it or not.

So when you ignore this situation & start building your App…

At time of uploading your app to Apple App Store through iTunes Connect i.e. ITC it throws following error at you

No identities are available for signing itunes connect itc error apple app store


Error Name: No identities are available for signing

So here is work around & solution for this error:

Step 01:

Navigate to ‘Project Navigator’ first icon at left sidebar of your preferred Xcode project

Step 02:

Click on your App Name blue icon

Step 03:

Now at mid panel under ‘Targets’ select your App Name

Step 04:

Under Info tab under bundle Identifier under Value section your string would be looking like this,



Now remove or delete line shown as below with dot behind:



OR just paste your actual Company Identifier code what you have entered while making new app in Xcode & in Apple Developer Member Center portal under ‘Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles’ tab…

Step 05:
Now save project,

Now you can upload your project to iTunes Connect (ITC) avoiding this error without getting interrupted again with it.

Hope it helps,

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Mandar Apte

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