Here is a fix if your Mac is dropping TP-Link Router’s Wi-Fi Network Connection intermittently

I know it happened with me when I purchased new TP-Links’s brand new router. But after setting up the router with my ISP (Internet Service Provider) my Mac / iMac / MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / Mac Mini started dropping connection intermittently every 5 minutes or every 2 minutes or so.

After trying everything here is a list of settings that I used to get a stable connection from my router to my Mac.

Step 01: Sign in to your Router’s Admin Page

Step 02: Navigate to Wireless or Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Settings

Step 03: Uncheck ‘Smart Connect’. i.e. Disable Smart Connect Feature.

About Smart Connect: TP-Link Smart Connect allows the router to automatically assign connected devices to the Wi-Fi band that provides the fastest speed. By balancing the load and assigning devices to the most appropriate band, Smart Connect can reduce delays and interruptions. But I noticed that it somehow conflict with Mac’s stable Wi-Fi connectivity so it is better to disable it.

Step 04: Now change the ‘Wireless Mode’ for 2.4GHz to ‘n’ only

Step 05: Now change the ‘Wireless Mode’ for 5GHz to n/ac mixed or ac only.

Step 06: Now Save All Changes you made to router’s Wireless Settings.

Note 01: You can use the same name for ‘Wireless Network Name’ for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless network mode.

Note 02: You can enable MU-MIMO if available for your 5GHz wireless mode. It will enhance your wireless speed and internet connection speed.

After making all the above changes to my router settings my Mac stopped dropping connection and I did not found any compatibility issue between my Mac and TP-Link router.

I have found the solution to TP-Link Router Problem: I Contacted TP-Link Support Staff, They asked for the router to be sent to their warehouse for router diagnosis. After back and forth emails they said that the particular router itself has a hardware/software problem so they are going to send me a replacement.

After using my replaced router I can confirm I am not having any problem with Wifi connectivity on my Apple iPhone, iMac or any Android Device.

So talking with TP-Link Support Staff and asking for replacement is the right solution.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

One thought on “Here is a fix if your Mac is dropping TP-Link Router’s Wi-Fi Network Connection intermittently

  1. Hi, Mandar

    Thank you for the explanation in simple language and crisp steps.
    I am facing the same issue with TP-Link Archer C6, and found your solution through google.
    There are two solutions listed.
    (#1) Settings of the Router (Disable SmartConnect etc…)
    (#2) Router Replacement (Contact TP-Link Support … replace router etc..)
    Can you please highlight which one of the above was the final solution?
    So that, If (#2) I can initiate Return and Replace ASAP within the Amazon time-frame

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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