How to import iTunes Music Library into Apple Music after a clean install of macOS Catalina on your new computer while keeping intact play counts and star ratings for respective songs and albums.

After releasing the new macOS Catalina or any other Mac operating system, I sometimes prefer a clean install of the latest operating system on my iMac / MacBook / MacBook Pro or Mac Pro.

I back up all of the current user home folders on external storage, such as an external hard disk or solid-state drive.

Once the operating system is installed on ‘Macintosh HD’ and an admin user account is created on Mac, it’s time to start transferring data from the external drive to Mac’s user home folder.

Once you have an account setup, follow these steps to transfer music.

Step 01: Copy your old ‘iTunes’ folder to your user’s Music folder located at e.g. User > Music > iTunes

Step 02: Hold down the ‘Option’ key while opening the Apple Music app from the dock or application folder. You will be presented with a dialogue box called ‘Choose Music Library. ‘ Now click on the ‘Choose Library’ button.

Step 03: Now select the ‘iTunes Library.itl’ file which is located in your iTunes folder that you just copied at ‘Step 01’, e.g. User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Library.itl

Step 04: The Music app will then ask you to save this as a new Music Library. Give it a name different from your other library and pick a location. For example, I choose ‘Music’ as a library name and choose User > Music > Music as a location for the new library.

Step 05: You are done. You have just imported your old iTunes library to the new Music app on your newly installed Mac operating system, with intact songs, album play counts, and star ratings.

I hope this tutorial helps you to import your old iTunes Library to your new Mac computer.

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