Here is how to locate downloaded Audio/Video Podcast app files on macOS? So that you can export or copy it to the new location on Macintosh HD.

You may have been listing to or watching a great podcast on Mac’s Podcast app and you may want to export it and store it elsewhere on your Macintosh HD for safekeeping.

It seems Apple has disabled functionality dragging Podcast items to desktop to store it or export them elsewhere.

So here is how to do it in an alternative way.

Step 01: Click on Finder

Step 02: Now Option Click on the ‘Go’ link on the menubar and choose ‘Library’. Now locate the ‘Group Containers’ folder and search ‘Podcast’ inside the group container folder.

Step 03: Folder Path may look something like this… ‘~/Library/Group Containers/’

Step 04: Now you will see already downloaded Podcast app video files in that folder.

Note: Please remember podcast files do not display the original file names.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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