Here is Solution if TP-Link Router is not loading some particular websites

If you are having a problem with loading or browsing particular/specific website then you can follow the below steps to resolve that problem.

Step 01: Navigate to your TP-Link router’s web interface. i.e. Normally

Step 02: Log in to your TP-Link router’s Administration Web Page

Step 03: Go to > Advance > Network > Internet > Click on Advanced Settings

Step 04: Now under ‘MTU Size’ change settings from 1480 to 1440

Step 05: Now Save Settings

Step 06: Now Shut down / Power Off the router and after two to three minutes Power On the Router

Step 07: After the router is connected to the internet check if your respective website is loading. It should be working fine.

I hope this helps,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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