Selling Products The Apple Way

There are few things that apple follows that I have noticed while analyzing & watching them over the years.

If you really want sell & market your product the Apple way then you should read this 50 Points…

BTW I use iMac & MacBook…

This are few point that Apple has developed in themselves while selling their own products those are as follows:

  1. They make you feel useless with your current Apple products
  2. They force you to upgrade to their new line of products
  3. They discontinue their current products as if you are owning them is being in old class
  4. They looks stunning, powerful & from current or from future to current times
  5. Apple Products Just Works!
  6. Apple Products has high Standards of quality & satisfaction
  7. Apple Products has & conveys human emotions
  8. As Steve Jobs use to say in his Apple Keynotes, “Technology married with Liberal Arts & Humanities that yield us the results”
  9. It has statement of simplicity & ease of use
  10. It has karishma
  11. It has intellectual personality attached to eat
  12. Every Products Has ‘Mac’ or ‘i’ in it or both
  13. They are eye catchy
  14. They has universal statement
  15. Apple Products are designed by better designers as Steve Jobs quotes himself
  16. Apple Products are always ahead of competitors by launching future advance technology today
  17. those are esthetically correct
  18. It has style statement
  19. Those always looks modern irrespective when that product was launched or when it is in
  20. Apple’s Competitors follows them blindly such that they don’t know how to compete with them so they just copy them with total ripoff like android is ripoff product of Apple iOS
  21.  All Apple Products are integrated & works well with each other
  22. All Apple products do follow modern design rules & standards
  23. All products are costly but irresistible
  24. All Apple Products are Market Leaders & Market Dominators which change’ peoples thinking
  25. Apple Products Changes People lives that apple customer think it’s extension of their body
  26. Apple think they are in market to sell better products but not for making money
  27. All Apple Products are Brand indeed as they say ‘Designed by Apple in California’
  28. All Apple Products are expensive
  29. Apple Products Does Appeal from 2 year old Grandson to 100 year old Grandparent, So it has no age bar
  30. All Apple Products looks from one family of Brand
  31. All products are unique
  32. All Products are accessible
  33. All are Highly Designed & Thought of products
  34. They don’t say a word about it until they launch that product by keeping ultimate secrecy so it creates circle of excitement around it in eyes of customers
  35. Apple’s Product Market share is increasing day by day
  36. Apple Product Line is updated every three month or less than three months
  37. Apple Keeps their Price constant but they add lot of more features irrespective of low price or increasing price
  38. All Apple Products makes Profit
  39. With every new product Apple Do introduces new feature or technology that changes market around it so those are market changers products
  40. All Apple Technology has certification from company to learn
  41. Every Apple Product has Video support for learning mastering their products
  42. All Apple products has rich icons & symbols
  43. All Products Modern Web Technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 as world is moving towards mobile web
  44. Every product is lightning fast
  45. No product needs extra training to use it as iPad ship with no ‘User Guide’ you yourself know how to use it
  46. Every Product has human aspect attached to it
  47. Every Apple Consumer is emotionally attached with their Apple Product if like they are in serious relationship
  48. Every Apple Product is consistent
  49. Every Apple Product has more operational life
  50. Every Apple Product meant for designed for internet

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Published by Mandar Apte

Mandar is a Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary designer with UX/UI, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design expertise. He currently runs his Mudrkashar Linguistic Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac app business in the heart of Mumbai city.

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