Setting Spell Checker & Writing Language of Mac OSX from US English to British English to avoid Spelling Error Suggestions like from Scrutinise to Scrutinize

It really sometime annoying to received spelling mistake error from Mac OSX Operating system that it shows & underlines with red ‘Scrutinise’ to change as ‘Scrutinize’

Here is method to fix that,

Go to System Preferances,

Choose ‘Language & text’


Under Language Tab choose Edit list & Choose ‘British English’ & Put at top first layer…


Under  ‘Text’ Tab, for Spelling ‘Drop Down’ menu choose ‘British English’ by clicking setup option at bottom drop down menu




Under Input Source Choose ‘British’ Keyboard Option,



Bonus Tip
To Avoid ‘Spell Checker’ mistakes for wrong presumptions by spell checker, Uncheck ‘Correct spelling automatically’


It did solve my problem, it will also work for you too… I hope so…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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