Design Schools or Design Institutes in India

India’s Education System (mainly Mumbai University from where I belong) is based on 10 + 2 + 4 years of graduation program.   For applying to graduation program in Art you need to have following qualification, You must have 10 + 2 passed certified program that means you must pass Secondary School Certification (SSC) & …

Design Inspirations: Getting Inspired…!!! to do design & finally learning from it…!!!

Today with broadband connection on my iMac & connected to the World Wide Web fearlessly with my own website & design blog… Switching from one website to another, reading blogs, going through Twitts, reading Facebook updates… Sometimes I feel It’s really easy to get inspirations through web if you do it right…   Not like …

Artist’s Updates’ – Apple iMac + Wacom Tablet + Mac AppStore + Free Apps like Autodesk Sketchbook Express or Copic Edition = Solution Just Work’s

I have just discovered the free Digital Drawing & Painting Apps directly from AppStore…   Autodesk SketchBook Express or Copic Edition is the Finding…!!!

Open Source Applications for Artists in Simple Language Free Tools & Applications for Artists for Complete Digital Studio Setup

Following are the applications that are open source that means free tools available to an artist to built his studio without any monetary investment   In short, “Open Source Tools & Applications for Artists for Complete Digital Studio Setup…!!!”

My List of Drawing, Sketching And Painting Books an Artist should have

Here is My List of Drawing, Sketching & Painting Book that I found Helpful, Informative & that guided me in Learning Drawing, Sketching & Painting.   American Artist like Andrew Loomis, George Bridgeman & their books are more or all about basic forms behind building & drawing Human figures.