My List of Drawing, Sketching And Painting Books an Artist should have

Here is My List of Drawing, Sketching & Painting Book that I found Helpful, Informative & that guided me in Learning Drawing, Sketching & Painting.

American Artist like Andrew Loomis, George Bridgeman & their books are more or all about basic forms behind building & drawing Human figures.

But Indian Artist like S. D. Phadnis & his books is all about telling a story through drawings. I bought his book 20 years back & I am Still using it (I even bought new edition of his same book for my reference). As stated on his website “S D Phadnis, the creator of caption-less cartoons”

American Artists

Andrew Loomis

  1. Fun with a Pencil
  2. Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth
  3. Creative Illustration
  4. Successful Drawing (Three Dimensional Drawings)
  5. Drawing the Head and Hands
  6. The Eye of the Painter

George Bridgeman

  1. Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life

Indian Artists

S D Phadnis

  1. Laughing Gallery – Part 01
  2. Laughing Gallery – Part 02

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