My Experience with sexism at the workplace

I was working with one of my old employers. They hired a person to lead or head the design team in their organisation. And I suddenly started facing odd, arrogant and erratic behaviour from the newly hired design head.

I completed one massive project which lasted me designing for more than 7/8 months then there was no work for any designer in the Mumbai location. So I and another designer were hoping new projects may be in pipeline and will be assigned to us. But a new design head started telling me or complaining about my efficiency and commitment. He even questioned my ability to being UX Designer…

But the company was expanding so they started hiring new design staff, One day I heard the design head saying ‘Call all girls’, (लडकियोंको बुलाव). He was telling the HR Staff to hire an all-girl team over male designers.

And Today I see there are 6 to 7 female designers and no male staff.

I think what the design head was trying to do was pleasing his daily routine with female staff around him it may look sexist but it is what it is.

I even discuss this with my colleagues they said they are leaving this company so they are least bothering about their current company situation and new design head.

I know you may also have faced this issue of sexism in your workspace, How do your deal with it do share thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mandar Apte

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Mandar is a Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary designer with UX/UI, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design expertise. He currently runs his Mudrkashar Linguistic Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac app business in the heart of Mumbai city.

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