The First iMac that I bought from Unicorn Infosolutions Pvt Ltd and my experience with the second-hand product that was given to me

It was the year 2007, A year that I got a job as a Graphic Designer in a good company.

In my previous graduation year, I completed my Final Year Project on Apple Inc.

So I was way more familiar with Apple Computers than I require. So with a new stream of money, I started receiving because of the job I decided to buy my dream computer and that was 24 inch iMac.

Someone from my company told me about Apple Premium Reseller called Unicorn Infosolutions Pvt Ltd which was located at Andheri west near Fun Republic Mall.

The year that I bought iMac was March 2008. I visited their store near Fun Republic Mall. The physical RAM that was coming with iMac was 2GB at that time they told me you have to buy more RAM if you want 4GB RAM. So I said I will opt for 4GB RAM. They told me they can provide me pirated apps preinstalled and Pro Apple Apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio and Adobe Creative Suite. I said I am not interested. But this was the moment I sensed something wrong going on with the purchasing process.

Unicorn person told me they will not deliver Apple iMac to the home I have to carry to my home which was 20 kilometres away. I said no problem I will carry it myself.

I think after using that iMac I started experiencing issues and I started feeling I was cheated by Apple Premium Reseller while I purchased supposed to be a new iMac from them.

Few Things that I noticed.

1st First Things was RAM. I purchased new RAM for its original cost but they removed default sticks from my iMac and they kept it with themselves without taking my permission to do so. So this was the first fraud they committed.

2nd Asking for cash in exchange for installing pirated professional apps for which I said no.

3rd Third thing I noticed that Bluetooth was not working at all. The machine that they have given me was the second hand which they sold me at an original cost of Indian Rupees 1,08,000/- i.e. One lakh eight thousand rupees.

4th Thing was There were Fingerprints on display that were not going at all after rubbing it with the magnetic cloth that comes with iMac or even water.

So enquired with my another Apple Reseller who I was in contact with. I told him should take legal action against for second hand and faulty iMac that I received from or what should I do. He suggested you have already bought Apple Care for your iMac you can ask for a money-back or replacement. So I did the same.

So my cycle of back and forth phone conversation started with Apple Care Support Staff.

Apple Care sent an iMac Repair Specialist to my home they even took photographs of a faulty fingerprint on display… They were also amused how this machine is so much faulty… I told them and registered a complaint against their Apple Premium Reseller Unicorn Infosolutions Pvt Ltd for selling me faulty goods which I never deserved for the cheque amount I paid to them. I also registered to complain about selling pirated apps upfront even without visitor asking for them.

So it was a total mess of calling Apple Care Staff every day or two back and forth.

After my total of 7 calls to them, they said and yes we are giving you a replacement for the peace of mind you deserve.

They gave me a replacement for Intel Core Two Duo iMac which was 64 bit, 4 GB exact RAM with a 24inch display. Hard Disk was 640GB.

I can say with this experience with Apple Care Staff I have no room in my mind to blame Apple for this or even Unicorn. The Unicorn Company did their duty of fooling people with defective products. But Apple restored my faith in their own Apple Brand with their replacement which was higher in System Configuration than the product I bought originally from Unicorn.

Yes, It was my total experience of purchasing my first iMac.

How was yours?

Do let me know in the comments section below…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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