OpenSource GnuCash Accounts Books Keeper Application for Macintosh OSX, A User Experience & User Interface Review

Introduction to Application

I was searching for Macintosh OSX Application that can keep my Accounts Books for free & perfectly.

I found the Mac OSX application called GnuCash, I was excited & happy as it was free & open-source…


  • I downloaded the application, Opened the DMG file, Copied GnuCash Application to Mac OSX Application folder,
  • Application Icon was pretty much ordinary with flat colors no 3D or gradients or shadows
  • Worst thing was it was having big & Microsoft Windows like GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Button Clicking was not working
  • It had confusing approach for user to where to start from or just how to use it
  • GnuCash is alien Application for family of application of Mac OSX
  • It gave hint that HCI – UX & UI designer of GnuCash never used the mac before
  • GnuCash looses big time even being only open-source application in it’s category


  • I was totally unhappy with the application
  • I deleted it instantly
  • I decide never to view this application again in my lifetime
  • Now I am search of new Accounts Books Keeping Application
  • I am thinking even keeping Apple iWork Numbers sheet handy will solve the problem


  • Never use Microsoft Windows like Application on Mac OSX


  • Makers of GnuCash please read this blog post it as important to me as to you…

Thanks & regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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