How to repair and optimise MySQL Databases through phpMyAdmin for optimum WordPress Performance.

As we use & utilise our WordPress website running with MySQL database, it gets cluttered & overheads with extra information or data in database tables. Sometimes, it crashes on its burden. So what we should do in the first place is repair & optimise it for optimum performance.

So, Here is how to do it…!!!

Warning & Precautions
First, back up all of your websites and relevant databases so that if something goes wrong, you have a backup copy of your server files and databases.

Initial Step:
The Initial Step is to Sign in to your web hosting’s phpMyAdmin MySQL Database Portal and Select your choice of database. First, note down your MySQL tables’ overheads and database size to compare them in the future after optimisation.

Step 01:

wordpress databse optimise 1

As shown in the above image, click on ‘Check All’ to select all tables

Step 02:

wordpress databse optimise 2

Now, under the drop-down menu where it says ‘With Selected,’

databse repair optimise options

Select ‘Repair’ to repair the database or Optimise according to your requirements and time constraints. Now, you can compare the numbers displayed at the bottom of the tables to those you noted before you optimised the table.

Note: But do it carefully, as it doesn’t give second chances. If you choose drop tables, it will delete all tables from your database.

I hope this information helps,

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