How to reset Macintosh Finder App window size to default by deleting all folder windows and icon size settings stored in macOS’s default ‘DS_Store’ file.

I was wondering, after a long day of work with lots of browsing & navigating to ‘Finder’ files & folders, sizing resizing Finder windows continuously for almost last year & two,

How do we reset the finder window size for all files and folders to OSX’s default size?

Yes, you can do it with just one click & small code

Tip: First, back up your files using the Time Machine & then unmount your Time Machine Hard Drive to keep it safe from code execution. Just in case something goes wrong.

Here is the procedure how to do it:

First Step:
Open the ‘Terminal’ App from your Application’s Utility folder.

Step Two:
Type the following code in the terminal

sudo find / -name ".DS_Store" -exec rm {} \;

Step Three:
Type your login password after the prompt. After the code is executed, the ‘Terminal’ app will prompt you with your login name, indicating that the execution is complete.

Hope it helps,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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  1. Hi Mandar,
    At as of Sierra, this does not reset the font size in list view. Any ideas how that can be done? The font size and icon size being used do not seem to be stored in the .DS_Store files.

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