Sex Don’t Sell Product or It’s Just Communicates a wrong message, Here is why…!!! A Story of Airline called Kingfisher, ‘King of Good Times’.

There is or there was one airline in India called ‘Kingfisher’, Who tried to market it’s airline through bikinis’ & girls on bitches. This will give you hint what I mean.

Kingfisher started it’s work in Year 2005 & Today in Year 2010-11 It called itself bankrupt of INR 7,000 Crore of Debt.

All marketing strategies were based on girls with less cloths or just so called bikinis, Which practically did not worked for them as it seems. They are unable to pay their employees’ salaries for last three month… Then what’s the use of showing beautiful girls with less cloths on bitches & showcasing them & selling them as New Years Kingfisher Calendar girls when Product doesn’t seem to be survive in market for even more than 5 years.

It shows misconduct of investing money in word called ‘SEX’ than product it has to sell.

It proves the point that, ‘Sex Don’t Sell Your Product!!! & It’s Communicate Wrong Message with that…!!!’

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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