Types of Private Animation Institutes or Schools in India

Because of vary few government schools teaching animation in India, Private sector has took over the lead of teaching animation by large margin in India. Situation of Private Animation Teaching Institutes is vary bad… Here are few points I observed while learning animation from few of this institutes by myself…


  1. An Animation Institutes that tells, “3D is Future” & Teaches All animation computer software techniques without even asking student’s they want it or not.
  2. There are some institutes in India that they even don’t employ students from their own institutes for work they hire more skilled employees from outside institutes, It shows their quality of their own teaching.
  3. They don’t even have Placement Cell, there are stories that if they have one cel for employment they give a job of clerical work in Bank to Animation Student.
  4. They use graphics developed by international studios & institutes & they use it as they developed by their own students… So it’s kind of fooling themselves about their own creativity & talent.
  5. After 1 or 2 month students starts feeling unsatisfied & starts to feel no belonging to institute because of fake identities of teaching staff.
  6. They teach tools from softwares i.e. This is Brush Tool or Pen Tool but they don’t teach what it does or they fail to teach what are the possibilities with that tool because of less experienced staff.
  7. Value of their certificate to graduating student & hiring animation company is zero & useless.
  8. Their syllabus is so old & big that it ignores specialization in some department of animation, They just teach everything to student who can’t absorb & understand what is the future with it. They charge around 2 lacs to show how they capture everything from one stream & it shows how they ignore specialization.
  9. They ignore hand drawn animation skills telling the knowledge of hand drawn stuff is expired
  10. They give no practice time to student to sharpen their skill as their institutes are already overcrowded with their capacity

Because of all this, This Private Animation Institutes fails miserably in what meant to be their mission of developing world class animator.

Mandar Apte

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