Web/Mobile App Monetisation & Revenue Generation Strategies

All business survives on net profit.

In accounting terms, here is how you calculate Net Profit. i.e. (Total Business Revenue) – (Total Business Expenditure) = Net Profit

In the business world, there are two types of industries Service and Product.

So if you are in the service industry, you survive on a paycheck by paycheck or hourly charges to the client. You have to work every hour of every day to make ends meet.

But if you are a product company, you create a product based on your market and user research. You find consumer problems/requirements/gaps in the market and then try to solve them by creating your product in that category. So building a product is based on solving problems that your users are having.

In my case, I was a designer by profession. I graduated with a BFA (Bachelor of Applied Arts) in Advertising. After my first two jobs, I tried freelancing in the web, UX, print, branding and animation film industries. I was the lone proprietor of my business. I was doing everything talking to clients, executing a project, delivering it and then waiting for the final payment to be released. It was too much for me at that time.


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Quick Tip on Animating in Adobe Flash: Why you should not use Action Script while you are making Animation Film for Video in Adobe Flash

Action Scripts get implemented or activated only when Animation .FLA (Adobe Flash Document File) file published to SWF (Shockwave File Format) & you never use .SWF when you publish your Flash Animation Movie to image sequence or any other avi video format.

e.g. when you want to rotate an movie clip inside flash you have do it by Transform tool or palette & keyframes with motion tween but not by using Action Script.


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A real difference of FPS (Frames Per Seconds) & how it affects the quality of Animation

FPS is Frame Per Second term used in all modern 3D & classical Animation films & Computer Applications Used to Animate them inside Computer Applications like Autodesk Maya, Adobe Flash to say the few,

I will write from my experience of using high FPS likes of 60 is real smart idea,

This is no smart guess that 60 FPS animation against 24 FPS animation is certainly more smoother, quicker, faster & refreshing to eye,

I also got one experience that whenever you animate in 60 FPS animation you get more space or keyframes i.e 60 Keyframes per second to animate than or 24 FPS which are only 24 Keyframes per seconds.


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Design Schools or Design Institutes in India

India’s Education System (mainly Mumbai University from where I belong) is based on 10 + 2 + 4 years of graduation program.

For applying to graduation program in Art you need to have following qualification, You must have 10 + 2 passed certified program that means you must pass Secondary School Certification (SSC) & then 2 years of Higher Secondary Certification (HSC) then only you can apply to Art Institutes like Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art & Sir J. J. School of Art for graduation in Art.

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Steve Jobs & John Lasseter Joint Interview on Pixar’s Animation Film Toy Story

Here is Interview of Steve Jobs & John Lasseter talking about Pixar’s New Release Toy Story,

This Interview is taken by Charlies Rose & It is Dated Wednesday 30th October 1996

An interview with Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, about his company, Pixar, which creates animated characters and movies with computer software, and John Lasseter, the director of the Pixar film, “Toy Story”, which follows toys that come to life.


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Why we don’t do Pilot Projects or so called Free Mockup Designs? & Why Pilot Projects & Free Mockup design doesn’t work?

Few collection of thoughts from my experience of design freelancing & pursuing design processes & doing design oriented business for living for last more than 4 years.

When somebody asks for Mockup before starting any paid & finalised project,

Following situations can be seen & felt by designer

  • Client is unsure about prospect of project
  • Client has unpractical approach towards project
  • Client lack proper investment & money
  • Client is hesitant about future of project (more…)

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Design Inspirations: Getting Inspired…!!! to do design & finally learning from it…!!!

Today with broadband connection on my iMac & connected to the World Wide Web fearlessly with my own website & design blog… Switching from one website to another, reading blogs, going through Twitts, reading Facebook updates… Sometimes I feel It’s really easy to get inspirations through web if you do it right…

Not like olden days when you only have to visit art gallery exhibition to see art & get inspired with…

Here are few links that I find as inspiration to learn & do design… (more…)

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