Windows 8 & OSX 10.8, The Design Similarities & Differences

Some of My Observations About Design of Modern PC Operating Systems:

After watching OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview & Windows 8 consumer preview, Here are few of my observations about their design…

Windows 8 Preview Video


OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview



Now All Mobile or PC (Desktop & Laptop) Apps & OS has built in Gestures support.

Apps Centered
With popularization of concept of ‘App Store’ & it’s success they switch to App Centered OS i.e. Replicating iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch) experience on Desktop & Laptop

With introduction ‘Magic Trackpad’ for Desktop ‘Touch’ OS & Apps are hot favorites of all consumers

Intel based
Now Macintosh & Windows are intel based architecture with Multithreading & Multicore technologies.

Mobile Operating System
As Apple calls OSX a Mobile operating system as they sale more laptop macintoshes than Desktops like iMac & Mac Pro

Multitouch, A Touch & Gestures with more than one finger is hot property on OS market now a days


it’s Windows
After all Windows 8 OS is after all ‘Windows’

Tablet Or PC
W8 Works on Tablet & Desktop & Laptop but OSX 10.8 only on Laptop & Desktop

Finally I have to admitt that I am writing this on my iMac, So for me Mac OSX is right choice Operating System & Personal Computer. Like Apple nobody designs hardware & software & integrates it as fluently than Apple itself.

So I choose OSX as my present & future Operating System…!!! What About You? Do let me know with comments….!!!

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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