My Observations of Hindusthani – Bharatiya Peoples Living mainly in Maharashtra & their main two habits

From my childhood I am living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. And definitely I have saw pretty much of North – South – Center – & West of India i.e. I have saw states like Delhi, South India (Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu) – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan & Gujarath.

I have observed two main habits of mainly Hindus living mainly in Indian State called Maharashtra.

(I don’t want to insult here anybody as I am from Maharashtra, India Only & I love My Country & My Countrymen)

First Thing:

Whenever A Person Goes to Temple he only drops ‘One Ruppi’ coin in ‘Dan Peti’ i.e. Donation Box.

Second Thing:

A Person will never buy original article or artistry product like painting, music cd, to support artist or he even may not know that the same artist is living in his neighborhood, He will say “His voice is too loud” & he will close his door without even recognizing him

Declaration & Another Third Observation:

But with the modern time every human being in India & Maharashtra is changing & adopting rational & things related to Hindusthani Civilization & Sanskruti…

& I am starting from Myself I have started to buy Audio CDs of all Prominent & Young Artist to support them & spend my mornings & day with the new Musical Notes & their voices & songs & words.

& I have even started donating good amount of money to Temples so that through them I have started supporting temple activities & religion that is present for more than last 5000 Years

& I am proud of It…!!!

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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