Akismet Works!

After having my website online as it was designed in iWeb with static website structure &  4 to 5 pages… I was more than happy…!!!

But after I deployed WordPress as my website’s main CMS (Content Management System), I had my Art Blog, my Art Portfolio & other defined pages belonging to my business & liking… My WordPress powered website gave me the boost in google analytics of 100 to 200% in visits & pageviews… But wordpress triggered another feature of website interaction i.e. blog comments.

I was receiving around 100 to 150 comments monthly, sadly all were SPAM & It was frustrating…

But then I realized that I have Akismet installed on my website with valid API key but in deactivation mode for that time being…

So I found answer & realize that how spam free comments can be…!!! so I activated the plugin that just detects spam & delete it at first instance… no further looking needed on those issues anymore…!!!

So it was as simple as, 1. Install Plugin, 2. Activate it with your valid API key & no third step needed.

And really today my comments & messages box receives only valid comments & not by spammer.

I really thanks to Akismet, Akismet Really Works!

I am really amaze that there is free service like this available to bloggers with wordpress itself…!!!

Really thanking WordPress Community here…!!!

Mandar Apte

This website contains a design articles blog by Mandar Apte. He writes and shares his iOS development, graphic, web, & animation film design experience through articles. Mandar is Mumbai based multi-disciplinary designer with expertise in UI, UX, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design. He is an alumnus of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. He currently runs his studio in the heart of the city of Mumbai.

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