Twitter for Mac: Sluggish, Buggiest twitter ever

For all this long time I was using Tweetie for Mac as it was Freeware i.e. It has free license to use…

But after switching to Twitter for Mac, I am really having bad experience of Twitter for Mac from day one with 1 dot release…

New Twitter for Mac Application is really buggy, boring & really sluggish…

Reasons for that are as follows

  1. I am not able to see my dp or picture even in my account,
  2. It shows already read twitts again which annoys me a lot,
  3. I was wrong in uninstalling tweetie before installing Twitter for Mac, I really want to go back to tweetie again
  4. & Twitter for Mac doesn’t work with Spaces….!!! This is funny

I am having really bad impression of this app…!!! It’s giving me real hard time to use it…!!!

If any developer of twitter listening to this do update it soon!!!

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