Lovebirds – A Suspense Story A Marathi Play

Yesterday I saw ‘Lovebirds’ Marathi Play at Gadakari Rangayatan at Thane.

I was amazed with basic story line behind play & how suspense was well maintained in play throughout & how live motion video was used to evolve around story…

This is the first time I was experiencing suspense story live in theater & happening in front of me.

Live Video on Wall was vary well used to explain & illustrate story no second was lost or misused to or lost in Live Video & live Action, All sync in video & live action was perfect

I would suggest all to watch this Marathi Play…

But because of suspense story I fear that this play will have vary little repeat audience.

Amruta Subhash & Girish Salvi has major role to play in Act…

I was totally impressed with Amruta Subhash’s acting, it was my second play of Amruta Subhash where she is heroine in Marathi Play. First Play I saw of Amruta Subhash was “Ti Phularani”

Thanks & Regards
Marathi Apte

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