How iPad’s Design Has Change Holly Bigh’s Life A School Girl from Melbourne


While browsing the web I came to this article on online edition of newspaper HeraldSun (You can read same article here).

I was amazed how new way of making a tablet has helped somebody so small to regain momentum in her life.

iPad has indeed made a mark in Education field with it’s new user interface or new way of interaction through multi touch screen

I am yet to buy an iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch but surely buy someday…

I don’t know when will Indian schools mainly Indian Government school will start using teaching through device like an iPad… & When it will happen someday it will be the revolution for school going children to get more attracted to education & get involve in learning more & get advance with computer use with ultra modern & sophisticated user interface

It will be also a big day for India when device like this will be available in Indian languages like Marathi, Sanskrut & Hindi etc.

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Mandar Apte

Mandar Apte

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One thought on “How iPad’s Design Has Change Holly Bigh’s Life A School Girl from Melbourne

  1. Mandar, this is indeed a very touching story. It just explains why Apple is successful and everyone else is not. It’s the user experience that matters not speeds and feeds as Steve Jobs mentions, this story just proves it.

    I have an iPad 2 and I absolutely love it. I would happily recommend it to you.

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