Unsubscribe, Delete, Forget, Relax

Few day’s ago I deleted all Automated Facebook Messages & Mails sent to my E Mail ID & I also deleted mails related to old Orkut Stuffs….

It was mess of 1,500 to 2,000 Meassages…. Which was useless from any point of time & relevance…

First step to relaxation is to unsubscribe from Autogenerated Mailing list from your Facebook Account Settings Then physically deleting old mail junk from your cluttered inbox… & Then looking at the bottom of GMail Stats of growing Unused Gmail Capacity… & Just feeling the peace of mind…

I am totally Happy, So whenever I search my gmail It doesn’t have to go through all 5,000 mails but just 1,500 mails… relief & fast… Even my Apple Mail Inbox Speeded Up Quite a bit…

I am Happy…!!!

Mandar Apte

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One thought on “Unsubscribe, Delete, Forget, Relax

  1. Today I deleted around 1,000 mails from my Yahoo’s mail box…

    My Yahoo Mail box look more refreshing & manageable….

    Yahooooooooo!!!!!! Yuhuuuuuuuuu…..!!!!

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