Few Important Tips to Designers & Flash Animators

(I assume that you are well versed with design terms & design applications)

 Three Important Tips to Adobe Flash Animator while preparing 2D animations for E-Learning Courseware OR for Web

1st Tip

Use Movie Clips to place object on stage, use movie clips to place text, vector objects or image on stage when you want to animate it

2nd Tip

(Importance of Tip #01)

Don’t create Tween in Library If you are using Flash older version than Adobe Flash CS5 because that create problems while using Action Script

3rd Tip

(Importance of Tip #01 & Tip #02)

When you place & animate movie clips on stage, contains of those movie clips can be replaced without affecting animation e.g. If your movie clips has animation on stage & it contains vector graphic with color red, the same red color can be changed to blue or you can replace even whole vector graphic to anything without affecting animation as this animation not creating any tween in library.

4th Tip

(Importance of Tip #01 & Tip #02, In continuation of Tip #03)

If you use ‘Movie Clip’ as container of vector graphics or objects it will save your file size as said earlier it prevent excessive creation of motion tweens in library & it save file size as a result

Few Other IMP Tips

  1. First Save the file you are working on
  2. Name your movie clips, graphics in Adobe Flash Library – It helps to identify your contains in library
  3. If you are using CorelDRAW on windows & If you faced with crash in your CorelDraw while you are working… Don’t Worry CorelDRAW has backup copy of your artwork in your username’s “TEMP” folder
  4. Never Use CorelDRAW Drop Shadow when you want to print or you are designing for web…
  5. Write Version of your Artwork in file name
  6. Believe in your self when you are working or designing artwork, You have the best judgement of quality of your artwork.
  7. Follow some design blogs for inspiration & to keep your self updated with technology in art
  8. Finally write your blog, It’s a best way to gain experience of live Web standards & achieve credibility in mind of your blog followers & also to feature your artworks online…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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Mandar is a Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary designer with UX/UI, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design expertise. He currently runs his Mudrkashar Linguistic Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac app business in the heart of Mumbai city.

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