Google Adsense Doesn’t Displays Ads on Some post where Unicode or UTF8 based Indian Languages are utilised, I found it why it happens.

Update: 14th December 2014

Google AdSense Now Support Website with Indic Language like Hindi,

So Your website is Hindi you should be able to fetch AdSense Ads.

See Image below:

AdSense Now Supports Hindi


I have few of blogs in English & few others which utilises my own mother tongue i.e. Marathi…

& It was weird that Ads on my Marathi Blog wasn’t showing Ads at all, All ad slots were appearing blank…

I even checked the original Adsense ad code back & forth, even rechecked my website’s HTML code, I even revalidated my HTML Code with w3c standards but found no errors, then I reported it to ‘Google Support’ but no use…

But I found the answers…

Read Here


Then I found out this…. That ‘Google Adsense’ Currently doesn’t support any Indian or Indic Languages that supports Unicode font or use UTF8 Feature in web browser…

So Indian languages that uses features of Unicode & UTF8 like Marathi (मराठी), বংলা (Bengali), हिन्दी (Hindi), ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada), മലയാളം (Malayalam), ଓଡ଼ିଆ (Oriya), ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ (Punjabi), संस्कृतम् (Sanskrit or Sanskrut), தமிழ் (Tamil), తెలుగు (Telugu) will not be supported by ‘Google Adsense’ to display adss as mentioned above.

& Problem Solved…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

Published by Mandar Apte

Mandar is a Mumbai-based multi-disciplinary designer with UX/UI, Logo, Symbol, and Brand Identity design expertise. He currently runs his Mudrkashar Linguistic Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac app business in the heart of Mumbai city.

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  1. Hi Mandar

    but some website in telugu google absence adds are coming

    why this what is the secret


    1. Hi Ankur,

      Google just few weeks back have added Hindi as an AdWords & AdSense supported language in their list & this is why ads may have been started appearing on your Telugu or Hindi website.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mandar Apte

  2. lot of marathi website appring adsense ad long year ago like marathi news chancel website and other website

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