My Solution to my year-long back pain and health issues

Since I started my health and fitness journey I was facing issues with tremendous back pain and mobility.

As you may have guessed already I started walking but the pain was not going anywhere whatever I do.

I took physiotherapist assistance, machine exercises, long distance and long time walking but with no relief.

But one day I just turned off the air conditioner for the whole night in my room for straight one or two weeks and somehow my back muscle was relieved and had no pain or any muscle stiffness issue. But after that week I turned on the air conditioner for the next three-four days and the back pain was back again.

So somehow in our family discussion, we realised air condition was the culprit behind long lengthy back pain issues. It may be because hot Mumbai weather and inside my bedroom at 23-degree temperature. I was putting the AC on for the whole night so sudden shift in body and muscle temperature.

So now for the last whole month, I am not turning on the air conditioner for the whole night or any particular time of the day.

So big relief.

I am feeling happy and healthy with no pain in my back muscle.

I hope this information helps you to check your daily routineā€¦

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Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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